Our Mission:

To contribute positively to the development process of Communities Development in Afghanistan through implementation Capacity building, Women rights Awareness, gender based violence, Children protection awareness, Legal Consultation, Economical Sustainability, income generation projects, Literacy, vocational training, health education, Teacher training.

Our values underpin pleasant attitude and behavior of the team members and instruct how to deal with different people, client organizations and donors. We aim to be consistent in the way we conduct ourselves with clients, business partners, employees and, even, competitors. No one is perfect all the time, but everyone in our team aspires to and believes in the following values…

Ø  Respect to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan values & constitution

Ø  Respect the international obligations

Ø  Integrity, Collaboration

Ø  Positive pragmatism

Ø  Commitment

Ø   Honesty

Ø   Collaboration

Ø  Gender Equality

Ø  Respect to traditions and customs

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