Our vision

SEO wants to contribute to the development of a Peaceful, Free and Developed Afghanistan based upon good Afghan cultural values. We work toward an Afghanistan in which the population lives in peace, with self-dignity and self sufficiency, and where people manage their own personal development and the development of the society in which they live.


SEO therefore undertakes its projects on the basis of self-help of the people concerned, with proper community participation during all project phases including identification, formulation, implementation, project maintenance and evaluation.


SEO believes that a society can be holistically developed and prosper when its people are aware and are able to determine their own destiny, both socially and economically. People will gain awareness when they live in a civil society and act as responsible individuals. Because there is a very strong relationship between government and people, the development and strength of one will enable the development and strength of the other. This is possible when the government is really representing the people and tries to benefit them. The Government can truly represent the people when it is established jointly with the civil society and then moves forward with it. Society Empowerment Organization (SEO) endeavors to contribute to the strengthening of this Civil Society and to a positive relationship between the Civil Society and the Government.

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