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Having a stabilized and peaceful society is the desire of all human beings, everybody wish to live in a society where their rights are reserved and have equal access to all life basic facilities. Achieving the stated goals certainly need to a groups to work to gather, civic societies and charity foundations as a bridge of linkage between people and government works shoulder by shoulder with governments to respond the needs of societies.

Society Empowerment Organization, SEO along with other Foundations and Organization come to existence with aim of assisting men and women in regarding improving their economics, civic and social life, culture, reducing violence in families against children and women, decreasing poverty at communities, defending all human values and battle with wrong believes in societies.

Taking under consideration achieving the goals, SEO needs to have a strategic plan to show up the path where we want to go and where this organization stand up right now. This plan can also be used as direction of achieving the valued and pre-established goals. Therefore SEO is preparing this strategic plan to improve transparency in its performances, managing the activities and selecting the trend of this organization.

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