Our Projects

NoProject nameFunding agency
1Carpet weaving & marketing training for womenARD/LGCD/USAID
2Basic literacy and numeracy training ARD/LGCD/USAID
3Basic literacy and numeracy trainingARD/LGCD/USAID
4Civic Education for YouthDepartment of Youth Affairs, Farah
5Legal Consultation Center for Schools' Girls and Boys ProjectAfghanistan Women Lawyer foundation (AWLF )/UNEFEM
6Reintegration of Afghan Refugees From Iran & Pakistan (RARIP) IOM/NSDP/MoLSA
7Election Awareness Program UNDP
8Provision of Market-Based Vocational Skills and Business Development Trainings for Afghan Returnees, Deportees and IDPs in Farah Province, AfghanistanIOM/NSDP/MoLSA
9 Capacity Building and Supportive Services for WomenASGP/US Embassy
10Human Rights Awareness AIHRC
12Develop case book for law subjectsUSIP/USA
13Women in Private Sector (WIPS)AWDP/Cretive Associates/USAID
14Project Management Training AWDP/Cretive Associates/USAID
15ICT Training AWDP/Cretive Associates/USAID
16Project Management Training AWDP/Cretive Associates/USAID
17Defense Lawyers Capacity Building and Training USIP/USA