Social Participation

Principles : 

Our principles build on our values and explain how, behaviorally and responsibly, we want to go about achieving our vision to be Afghanistan’s premier rural economic and social development leader.

Our Goals: 

  1. Social empowerment through economic
  2. Empower communities through economic development for improved livelihoods.
  3. Enable communities understand their development roles and responsibilities
  4. Institutionalize high standard for project identification, implementation, and maintenance
  5. Enable communities gain access to basic education, basic healthcare and potable drinking water
  6. Help and facilitate the return, reintegration and protection services during and after emergencies, humanitarian crises and conflicts in

    their places of origin.

  7. Design sustainable agricultural development strategies.
  8. Empower youth froth civic education and participation in local government
  9. Facilitate community centered development
  10. Advocate for community driven development rural economic empowerment

    Strategic Objectives:

    • Design and implement capacity building programs in areas of local governance peace
    • Building conflict resolution , civic education and decision making
    • Enable communities practice their development rules.
    • Provide vocational and business trainings
    • Establish savings and credit groups
    • Provide technical and capacity assistant to support the standard of entrepreneurship and enterprises
    • System dosing HR professional developments financial system’s erective for improve  standardized
    • Enable Youth understand their roles and responsibilities
    • Youth development and employment
    • Rural enterprise development
    • Holistic urban development
    • Flood and other natural disaster preparedness through community awareness
    • Work for better and safer Urban future
    • Skills training, development and advancement
    • Reduce conflict and promote peace
    • Poverty reduction
    • Improve quality of life

Key Areas of Focus:

  1. Community Development,
  2. Economical sustainability and Income generation for Rural Community.

3.Improved skills through marketing, business and vocational training.

4.New business skills introduce for securing supplies, planning production and selling of the production.

5.Anti Corruption

6.Rural Economic Empowerment

  1. Rural Enterprise Development
  2. Democracy and Governance Development,
  3. Peace, Education & Conflict Resolution,
  4. Integrated Literacy, Non-formal Education and Community Based Education,
  5. Skills training, development and advancement,
  6. Youth Empowerment,
  7. Management ,
  8. Training,

Description of Activities:



Ø  Capacity Building Trainings

Ø  Skills trainings

Ø  Literacy and numeracy trainings

Ø  Health awareness trainings including HIV/AIDS, Morbidity and Mortality of  pregnant mothers and childhood disease.

Ø  Training of Peace Building, Conflict Resolution and Democracy Building

Ø  through seminars, conference, workshops

Ø  Awareness and training about Civic Education, Gender, Women Rights, Legal, Human Rights and Children protection.