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Influenced by the new development paradigm, which puts people before things, SEO follows a participatory approach in every sphere of its work. The traditional knowledge of the rural poor is valued and respected, and there is confidence that rural people are capable of self-reliant organization.

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Influenced by the new development paradigm, which puts people before things, SEO follows a participatory approach in every sphere of its work. The traditional knowledge of the rural poor is valued and respected, and there is confidence that rural people are capable of self-reliant organization. On a practical level, the fundamental thrust of this approach is decentralization and empowerment. For a community to be able to work for its own development and reduce its dependency there is a need for full involvement at all stages of the development cycle. The participation of communities in identification, planning, management, implementation and evaluation of projects is a key factor in SEO work. Internally a participatory approach is adopted in managing the affairs of SEO. Externally, SEO role as a “change agent” helps to develop community management structures that are capable of managing their own development. This increases the ability of the community to demand accountability in all their affairs, from leaders and officials through Access to Justice and fundamental rights. It reinforces the community’s belief in the value of their own development choices and efforts. These community management structures are not parallel structures, but are built upon traditional institutions, promoting equitable representation and participation Human resource development is an essential part of our development work. This means ensuring that the community is trained and skilled, as well as organized, to maximize the potential of the community to take hold of its own development. SEO strongly believes in maximizing its impact by transferring field experiences into knowledge to influence the development policies and practices of NGOs, donors and government agencies. This is important for working towards the long-term goal of eradicating poverty.

Our Main Focused Services


- Expanding access to primary education and parental involvement in school management
- Capacity Building Trainings for teachers of formal and non-formal education system
- Skills training programs and literacy and numeracy trainings
- Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention and Health awareness trainings including
11 | Page HIV/AIDS, mortality of pregnant mothers’ and childhood diseases.
- Trainings of peace building, conflict resolution and democracy building through seminars, conferences, and workshops
- Awareness and training about civic education, gender, women rights, legal, human rights and children protection.


SEO is providing free legal aid and education through its established firm of senior lawyers to vulnerable and marginalized victims of society particularly to women and children; below are the main legal activities;
- Legal Advocacy and Outreach at community level for Access to Justice.
- Providing the empowerment and development contexts of community and increase their talents about legal clauses and justice system of Afghanistan.
- Refer women and girls to legal and legislative organizations with a full comprehension of legal problems to reach their rights.
- Increases the people legal awareness which can help the cultural and civic improvement in the society.
- Decrease of women legal problems in the society.
- Reduces the oppositions and violent against women in the community.
- Decrease the crimes in the society. - Legal frame worker for women rights & Women constitutional right
- Anti corruption


Women Empowerment aims at promotion women to take lead role in democratic norms and culture in the operational area. Two types of activities are undertaken in this theme: one aim at building capacities of women and communities and their groups to engage effectively with government and other stakeholders for getting their constitutional and legal social, economic and political rights, the other aims at working directly with state institutions for creating an environment that can guarantee the rights of women citizens. It also focuses on enhancing women income generation skills through capacity building and micro credit. Under this program following sub activities are also conducted:
➢ Formation of local women groups and their capacity building


- Improve women and next generation’s ideas about women rights and human rights.
- Introduce the rights and responsibilities of women in community development
- Reduction of women self-immolation and suicides.
- Decrease in women legal problems
- Development of women owned businesses and enterprises
- Strengthen participation of women decision making and local governance
- Familiarizing community with the role and responsibility of women
- Awareness raising of community to respect women and their rights in the community
- Capacity building programs for women.
- Children protection such as awareness about kidnapping, early marriage, child abuse, child labor, smuggling.


- Economical sustainability and Income generation for Community.
- Improved skills through marketing, business and vocational training.
- New business skills introduce for securing supplies, planning production and selling of the production.
- vocational training
- With learning the new methods of marketing people will be able to secure gainful employment.


- Under this theme SEO focuses on holistic development of children its protection and rights, following interventions are planned over the time:
- Child rights education and protection awareness at different levels and different stakeholders.
- Development of safe learning places for children at schools, hospitals, and community centers.
- Children confidence building programs, walks, sessions, campaigns, and trainings.
- Development of children groups and developing leadership skills in them.

Our Values

Respect to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan values & constitution

Respect the international obligations

Integrity, Collaboration

Positive pragmatism

Commitment, Honesty, Collaboration

Gender Equality

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Society Empowerment Organization, SEO along with other Foundations and Organization come to existence with aim of assisting men and women in regarding improving their economics, civic and social life, culture, reducing violence in families against children and women, decreasing poverty at communities, defending all human values and battle with wrong believes in societies.

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